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Finding the way from hope to healing for veterans suffering from PTSD


The Journey from Hope to Healing

The Journey from Hope to Healing - MC Co

This Book is a story of agony and struggle, of human relations that do not come easily and of rebuilding lives in a unique environment and community.  The Book tells the stories of four veterans with PTSD  (R ), all very different and with horrific circumstances with which they are trying to cope.  All but one has given up.  Often in deep despair, each is struggling with emotional and cognitive agony.  Then they meet two extraordinary horses, a giant bald eagle and a man, a doctor, who is also one of them.   


 The physician is also a veteran who had finally, with equine therapy, made significant progress in his battle but who understood it was a battle that could not ever be completely vanquished.  With his therapy horse, he creates a place for healing.  Working with the Veterans’ Administration and a nearby community, he creates a farm for helping PTSR sufferers.  The steps necessary to assist such victims to rebuild their lives are often difficult and always dramatic. It is never easy, but each veteran must follow his own individual, difficult but often rewarding, pathway. With efforts to rebuild, and as they live and work together, each one learns to find the first joy and success they have experienced since being warriors.  How their futures unfold is often hard to face and very painful as they battle with their own mind.  

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“As a daughter of a mother and father who served full lifetime careers in the US Army, I have been around military and veterans all of my life. The book by MC Combs; The Journey from Hope to Healing shines a needed light on the sometimes traumatic experiences of our military who have experienced war first hand. The story of how a man is making a difference in this community that is helping his and their recoveries is so important. What PTSD is and how it affects each person differently needs to be shared and heard. This often-invisible condition can destroy lives and this book offers those people hope, help and a resource for how to care for our veterans instead of continuing the stigma of living with post-traumatic stress disorder.”


– Barby Ingle, President of International Pain Foundation, Editor of iPain Living Magazine