Finding the way from hope to healing for veterans suffering from PTSD

Just because we are no longer at War does not mean that all PTSD (R) has magically left those who suffer with it. 


Just because we are no longer at War does not mean that all PTSD (R) has magically left those who suffer with it.  It is a lifelong affliction where the veterans often feel at war with themselves. 

In a desire to make a difference and with varying experiences with PTSR, a Group called Hope to Healing formed in Gainesville, FL, the site of one of the nation’s largest Veteran’s Administration facilities and program providers. 

Understanding that any form of isolation is the worst enemy of a person with PTSR, it is imperative that we all learn how to reach out, befriend and assist those who battle it.  Unfortunately, most of us misunderstand this condition. When we encounter someone who suffers with it, we either fear an encounter or are not comfortable engaging with those who suffer with it, even if they are family or from a friend’s family.  Yet, that is exactly what they need.

We all fear that which we do not understand so Hope to Healing has created a presentation to help those who encounter one who suffers with it,  to be comfortable approaching and becoming a friend to those who battle PTSR.

This is an informative and entertaining presentation.  Yes, entertaining in an attempt to relieve the tension and encourage involvement.  PTSD victims haven’t lost their sense of humor.  They want to laugh and learn to enjoy being with people and not fearing  that they will do something a new friend might not understand. 

The presentation will teach the audience how to add value to their lives by enjoying and finding, befriending, and assisting their new relationships with former warriors who live with PTSR.  Understanding that finding and engaging with these veterans is a commitment that can be the most rewarding thing an American citizen can ever do.

The presentation talks about all the services available to our vets and so often not found or accessed.  The speaker will give a resource guide, detailing those services for PTSR  patients, to everyone in the audience.

The audience members will leave knowing there is something they can do to help our vets with PTSR and hopefully be inspired to do so.