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the Way

from hope to healing for veterans suffering from PTSD

Is saying “Thank you for your service” enough?


What do our service people and veterans feel

and think when they hear those words?


How do the veterans who suffer from

PTSD feel at hearing those words? 


How can you know which veterans have

the invisible wounds of PTSD?

As Americans, we all care about our soldiers, sailors, airman, and our veterans who have served our Nation and therefore, served all of us.  We usually feel there is so little we can do for them.

Are you aware that more veterans have taken their own lives than were killed in the two middle eastern wars? 


While they are essentially over, did you know the suffering still continues, often ending in suicide?  How can that loss to our nation and many families be ended?  How can it be prevented in the future? 


Do you know someone who suffers from the aftermath of being at war?  Are you concerned enough to do something about these issues? 


After all, they were there for all of us.

If you are concerned,

you are in the right place.

Join us on a Journey from Hope to Healing.

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